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Dreamland Genesis
NFT Mint Starts NOW

Earn While you Sleep

It's time to make sleep fun and rewarding. Dreamland is a Web 3 wellness app that rewards you for sleeping well and living healthier. Powered by GameFi and Social Fi elements, users can earn token rewards through sleep and building healthy habits.
Beta coming soon... Stay tuned!

About Dreamland

The Next Evolution of Sleep

Dreamland rewards users for sleep and habit-forming towards better sleep. By leveraging the power of gamification and blockchain, we are on a mission to transform the health of millions all around the world.
Sleep To Earn
Sleep, get rewards– it's that simple!  You can earn tokens every day after a good night’s sleep. Rewards are based on your sleep time and quality score.
Habit To Earn
We empower positive change in our users' lives through an innovative rewards-based platform that drives behavioral change. Earn token rewards by completing tasks such as walking, meditation, yoga etc.
Equip NFT Sheep
Earn from sleep
Form healthy habits
Earn from habits
Mint, buy, trade NFTs


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Community Launching
Website Launch
MVP Development
Smart Contract Deployment
Targeted Marketing Campaign
Seed Round & Private Sale
1st Genesis NFT Sale
Whitelist Contest
Community Events


Beta Test
DEX/CEX Listing
Apply for CoinGecko
2nd Genesis NFT Sale
Staking Pool
In-App Wallet
In-App Marketplace
Strategic Partnerships
Mainstream Marketing Campaign


App Launch on IOS and Android
Top Tier CEX Listing
Expand Habit Activities
Top Tier Strategy Partnerships
AI-Driven Habit Personalization
Team Mode
Competition Mode
SocialFi Elements
More to Come...

April 2022

Team Setup
Project Ideation

May 2022

Community Launching
Website Release
App UX & UI
MVP Development
Seed Round & Private Sale
Marketing Kickoff

June 2022

Smart Contract Deployment
Token Presale
NFT Whitelist
Genesis NFT Launch
Building Strategic Partnership

Q3 2022

Alpha Test
Open Beta
DEX/CEX Listing
NFT Sale
Staking Pool
In-App Trade Function
In-App Market Place
More wearable integration Fitbit, Oura etc.
Developing In-App Content/Courses
Habit to earn rewards for running, biking activities
‍Partnership with influencers

Q4 2022

Competition Mode
In-App Wallet Upgrade
Habit to earn rewards for relaxation and education activities
Brand Partnerships
Community Events

Q1 2023

Team Mode
AI-Driven Habit Personalization
Social-Fi Elements
NFT wearable utility
Top Tier Strategy Partnership

More to Come!

The Team

We are a team of dreamers with diverse skills and experience in blockchain, product development, software engineering, business growth, healthcare, etc. Dynamic and quick to adapt, we are devoted to expanding the frontiers of blockchain technology and the health and wellness industry.

Chunyan Liang

Co-Founder & CEO

Marketing and business development expert worked with companies ranging from startups to established brands on projects that have resulted in millions of dollars in new revenue and increased profitability. Extensive background in business growth, product market fit, and product strategy.

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Chris Runge


The intelligent crypto investor that geeks out on tech. Passionate in blockchain economics and gamification to power the next generation of crypto products. Chris is a creative leader with an analytical and strategic mindset committed to building blockchain projects with great impact.

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Bowtied Pickle

Tech Lead

A proven leader in the field of blockchain and DeFi. Degenerate smart contract developer. Writer for @BowTiedCrypto

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Ankur Patel

AI/ML Advisor

Ankur A. Patel is an AI entrepreneur, advisor, and author. He is currently the cofounder and head of data at Glean. He is the author of Hands-on Unsupervised Learning Using Python and Applied Natural Language Processing in the Enterprise, both O’Reilly Media publications.

Joshua Tal

Sleep and Health Psychologist

A caring and direct psychologist specializing in sleep disorders, including severe and chronic insomnia. Specializing in providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) to help his patients get the sleep their bodies need.

Paige Retchman


Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Adjunct Professor, Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University


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Disrupting the music and NFT industry. Disrupting the music and NFT industry. Disrupting the music and NFT industry.
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